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We’re currently seeking seed funding in order to make our big plans for 2018 happen.
If you’re a member of the infosec community, a tech geek or just someone who likes the sound of eternal glory (via website recognition!), make a donation today.
Any donation no matter how small will help us establish our new model for 2018 and set us on the path to sustainability in the years to come. If you are feeling particularly generous and donate over $100 (AUD), you will receive indefinite thanks and recognition on our website! Once your donation is received, we’ll be in touch to find out what name or Twitter handle you would like listed.
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Note: Hackers Helping Hackers is a registered non-profit company, but our charitable status with the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission is pending.
We therefore do not have Deductible Gift Recipient Status and donations Hackers Helping Hackers are therefore *not* tax deductible at this time.