Seed Funding Donors

The following is a list, in chronological order, of our seed funding donors! (Note that this list will be updated weekly.)

  • Dilesh Mistry (@silverlywind)
  • Dominic Spill (@dominicgs)
  • Luke Symons
  • Glenn Grant (@devalias)
  • Nathaniel Wakelam (@nnwakelam)
  • dook (@dooktwit)
  • Brett White
  • Robert Winkel (@RobertWinkel)
  • Christian Frichot (@xntrik)
  • Chris McCurley (@chrisrmccurley)
  • Adam Couper (@lokifer)
  • David Rook
  • Andy White (@arcwhite)
  • Gil Azaria (@gilazaria)
  • Amy Claire Thompson (@amyct_)
  • Duncan Jepson (@klaxon_1)

Thank you to everyone who has donated to or sponsored HHH previously, you have made us who we are today.