Neal Wise
Neal is the director of Assurance, a boutique penetration testing company.
Kylie Peak
Executive Director

Kylie is one of the organisers of BSides Canberra, Australia's fastest growing information security conference.

Kylie studied Telco Engineering at ANU in the late 90s and has a Masters in Computer Networking with CSU. She has worked primarily within Network Engineering across government and private sectors and currently consults as a Network Engineer.

In her spare time she enjoys building and breaking networks, pushing boundaries in security and knowledge.

Shubham Shah
Executive Director

Shubham is an entrepreneur, bug bounty hunter and former penetration tester who has found critical bugs in corporations such as PayPal, Facebook and Microsoft. The InfoSec Institute named him as one of “Fifteen Famous Bug Bounty Hunters.”

Shubham lives in Sydney with his two cats and the internet.

Rebecca Trapani
Executive Director

Rebecca is a security consultant for Assurance and studies the art of software development. In her spare time she is a minister for Unrest security conference and writes tools to make life easier.

Gil Azaria
Executive Director

Gil is a Melbourne-based security consultant. With a background in pure mathematics, Gil is a compulsive problem solver and approaches all things with a determination to find the quickest, most effective solution.

In his spare time he enjoys hiking, comic books and cats.

Laura Bell

Laura Bell is the founder of SafeStack, a specialist security training, development, and consultancy firm. With almost a decade of experience in software development and information security, Laura specializes in bringing security survival skills, practices, and culture into fast paced organisations of every shape and size.

Laura lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and daughter.

Lachlan Temple
Lachlan has been hacking away at things since attending Kiwicon at 13 years of age in New Zealand, and after dropping out of high-school, has been involved in the security community through both his career and personal ambitions. Having first hand experience as a student entering into the security field, to now being employed full time as a researcher, he enjoys inspiring young people into the area through bug bounty hunting and speaking/running events at conferences throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Lachlan also serves as an organiser of the BSides Wellington conference