Hackers Helping Hackers (HHH) is a non-profit born out of a tweet.

But really, we’re more than that.

We are the brainchild of Naffy and Shubs, two young hackers who want to make sure that kids who hack make the right choices. We want to keep them hacking for good.

We exist because we know that the information security (infosec) community in Australia can do more to connect aspiring infosec professionals from diverse backgrounds with the mentors and knowledge they need to succeed.

We work with young people, people experiencing financial hardship and people from under-represented demographics like women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, people of colour, LGBTIQ people and many more.

We provide them with connections, conference tickets, friendship and support.

At the end of the day, we’re just hackers, helping hackers.

That’s what we do.