Here’s how to ace your HHH application

Applications for the 2018 Hackers Helping Hackers program are now open!

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably thinking about applying. Better yet, you’re probably wondering how you can be best prepared to get your application together.

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How does the application process work?

This year, HHH’s application process will be a little different than in previous years. The process will be conducted in two stages, and it has been designed to give you the very best opportunity to succeed.

The first stage is an online application. Once you submit your application, we’ll blank out your personal data and send it to at least two assessors on our team who will read what you have to say and score your answers.

We’re blanking out your personal information so that we can assess all applications entirely objectively. We want to do everything we can to prevent bias in all its forms.

If you’re successful in your online application, we’ll be in touch to organise a phone interview. Obviously, this part can’t be anonymous, but objectivity is still hugely important to us.

All our interviewers will be trained and if they’re not sure about the outcome of your interview, their notes will be assessed again by at least one other person.

If you’re successful in your phone interview, you’ll go into the pool of potential program participants.

What will I be assessed on?

At both stages of the application process, we’ll be assessing these key areas:

  • Interest in information security. Are you passionate about infosec? Are you familiar with industry terms? How have you made an effort to learn more?
  • Motivation to learn. Do you love learning? Are you motivated to further your education? Do you have a passion project you’ve been working on? Are you currently studying, either formally or informally? We don’t care whether your passion projects and learnings lately are infosec related: we just want to know that you have that insatiable passion for new knowledge that all good hackers posses.
  • Desire to attain a career in information security. Have you made any steps towards this career? Have you been to networking events, tried to start training programs or done your own research? Better yet, do you have an inkling of what career opportunities are out there, and which you might be most interested in? We’d love to know about them.

Don’t stress if some of this seems daunting or unlike you. We want to assess you as a person: we’re not just checking boxes, and we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of bold ideas.

If you haven’t managed to do any of the things listed above, for whatever reason, we’re keen to know whether you’ve tried or whether they’ve crossed your mind.

If the barriers have been formal study, full-time work, raising a family, financial problems, or whatever else, we understand. We get that life happens – but we need to see the spark.

How can I find out when applications open?

You can complete our expression of interest form here, and we’ll email you when applications open.

I have a question. Who can I contact?

Reach out to

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