How we’ll do things in 2018

Over the last few years, before HHH registered as a legal entity, we sent a bunch of different people to a bunch of different infosec cons around Australia and New Zealand.

This was a bit of a nightmare to organise.

Different people were sent to different cons. We had to organise applications and recruitment for every single con. We had too many people and not enough time, and quite honestly, we burnt out.

This time round, we’ve decided to do it differently – in part to make the experience better for our participants, and in part so that we don’t burn out. Again.

So, what does the HHH program look like now?

In a few weeks’ time, we will open up applications for our 2018 program. Applications will close in mid-December, and we’ll let people know whether they’ve been selected to participate in the program by early January.

The people who are selected will be heading to CrikeyCon 2018 (Brisbane, February), BSides Canberra (April) and another con, which is still TBA.

In most cases, their conference tickets are donated by the cons; but we’ll cover the costs of their flights (from their nearest major city to the city where the con is hosted) and their accommodation.

At each con, we’ll gather all our participants together to have lunch with our team, our board and some of our corporate partners. This will provide them with the opportunity to network and get to know about opportunities our partners can offer them.

We’re also hoping to start running webinar series, helping our participants gain exposure to the kinds of career pathways available in infosec and to help them develop the life skills needed to succeed.

Through our connections with our corporate partners, we’ll also be able to let them know about junior security roles as they come up.

The end game is to help them develop all the skills and connections they need to get a real career going in infosec.

Who will be eligible to apply?

Any Australian resident, aged 18 or over, is eligible to apply.

We’ll be prioritising applications from young people, people from diverse backgrounds, and those who can’t afford to pay their own way.

Why aren’t under 18s allowed to apply?

We’re hoping to figure this one out for 2019 or 2020.

In the meantime, if you’re under 18 and interested, that’s awesome. Join our mailing list, and if you like you can shoot us an email. Follow us on Twitter. Stay in touch – and we’ll keep working on making this thing happen for you in the future.

Why are you only taking applications from Australian residents?

At this point, we don’t have the capacity to take applications from outside of Australia.

We’ll look at opening applications to New Zealanders in the future, and maybe even beyond that, but for the time being we are only able to send Aussies.

Note that there’s a difference between Australian residents and Australian citizens. If you live in Australia, but you’re not an Australian citizen, that’s totally fine – so long as you’ll be resident in Australia for the whole of 2018.

How will applications be assessed?

Stay tuned, we’ll write a new blog post on this soon.

What happens after your program?

With participants’ consent, we’ll keep their information and resumes on file and hopefully we can still help them to forge vital connections with potential employers.

We’re also hoping that we can run an alumni series in the future, bringing all our alumni together to network and share strategies for success.

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